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Professional ways to improve the productivity of small concrete batching plant

The production efficiency of small concrete batching plant is affected by many factors. In the process of production, it is necessary to exert the favorable factors and avoid the unfavorable factors so as to maximize the utilization of small concrete mixing plant.

1.The professional operators should grasp the basic knowledge of concrete, understand the purpose and function of each department of small concrete batching plant, and know the mixing process of concrete and the operation flow of small concrete batching plant.

2.Prepare sufficient number of transport vehicles such as concrete mixing trucks or truck mounted concrete pumps according to the production capacity, the transport distance, the line and the road conditions, etc.

2.The factors affecting the productivity of JS series concrete mixer contain mixing time and time utilization. Many factors such as organization method of production, equipment management and operation quality can influence the production efficiency of small concrete batching plant.

3. You need to strengthen the maintenance and the management of small concrete batching plant to ensure that it is in good condition and in line with the requirements of environmental protection. Establishing strict testing system and taking preventive measures are necessary.

4. In order to avoid the production interruption of small concrete batching plant, you should prepare enough bolted type cement silos or welded type cement silos.

5.Make sampling inspections, tests and checks of raw materials. Different specifications of aggregate or powder should be separately stacked. Dust-proof and rain-proof measures are essential.

Only in this way can we deal with emergency case and avoid operation error thereby abstaining the damage to equipment and reducing material loss. Yu Ling Heng Machiney have professional staff and perfect after sale service. Our company has more than twenty years experience in producing various construction machinery. Welcome to contact us or leave us a message if you have interests.